WORM 101 LES KE-3214

WORM 101 LES KE-3214

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WORM 101 LE KE-3209


WORM 210 LE KE-3212

WORM 101 LES KE-3214

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Product Code: KE-3214
Availability: In Stock
6.00 GEL

Available Options

№ EU SKU Wire diameter mm Hook weight g Quantity
10 КE-3214-010 0,45 0,045 6
8 КE-3214-008 0,43 0,067 6
Barb Hooks Micro Barb
Bend Hook Straight bend
Eye Hook Wide Ring Eye
Finishes of Hooks Black nickel Finishes
Points Hook The Best Needle Point
Shank Hook Forged Shank
Steel Hook V Steel

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